A recent survey found that cosmetics are about far more than simply accentuating features - worryingly, they are about hiding what lies beneath.

Being bare-faced was associated with unattractiveness and a vast number of women are not accepting of their looks as nature intended.

Of the surveyed women, 44 percent said they felt negative about themselves when they are bare faced.

Women are often considered (by men) to look unfeminine if they don’t wear makeup, and this got me thinking would men look less masculine if they wore makeup?

I approached my circle of friends with the idea, they range in age from mid fifties to mid 20’s and have a range of occupations from gym instructors, Pro rugby players, designers and barbers. What i asked them was to get their partners to make them up as they would themselves if they were going out, this way I the makeup would be applied in a realistic way and look less like a Panto Dame!