Searching for a new personal project I came across SASH (Safe and Sound Homes) a charity that works to prevent homelessness in young people aged 16-25 in York, North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire.
They help young people get the support they need so that a time of crisis does not lead to a vicious circle of homelessness and unemployment.
The SASH method is to use their network of Hosts to respond to the problems of homelessness among young people locally.
I wanted to find out more so contacted SASH and met with them in their offices in York. I asked if it would be possible for me to photograph Hosts and the young people they were hosting. SASH said yes and after months of planning the project got started in August 2018.
My first shoot was with Sam and Abdul. 

Abdul has a fantastic story. At 14 he left Ethiopia on his own, travelling up through Africa until reaching Libya. He then crossed the Mediterranean into Spain ending up in the "Jungle" in Calais. He eventually reached the UK in the back of a lorry, and was apprehended by the police and sent to a refugee hostel in Ashford. From here he was sent to York and that is when he was hosted by Sam and her family in their home.Three years later he has a York accent and is going to college.

It was really nice to meet them both and a big thank you to them for letting me take their photographs.